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As it is getting harder these days to earn an income online, we decided to create this program to enable everyone to earn over the internet from the comfort of their own home and to have the possibility of gaining a source of steady earnings. We do not offer millions within a week or a complete financial independence. We do believe though, that with people helping people a very nice source of income will be generated. If you put a lot of effort into this, you can reach the goals that you set for yourself.

You have to make 4 payments.

How it works. There is 3 Levels. You have to pay each person in the 3 levels.

The first payment is $20 and goes to the member.

The second payment is $30 and goes to the member.

The third payment is $50 and goes to the member.

The final payment is a $5 payment thats goes to the Admin to maintain the site.

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Your current referrals:

Level 1 -- crazybob@crazy-bobs.com -- Has 0 1st Level Referrals
Level 2 -- nevin_drucker@yahoo.com -- Has 0 1st Level Referrals
Level 3 -- TLSLifechanger@gmail.com -- Has 0 1st Level Referrals

First payment to member TLSLifechanger@gmail.com level 3 for $ 20

Please remember to press Return To Merchant in your PayPal after payment.
Then continue with next Payment and do the same till you completed all 4 payments.


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